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pym retreat

thanks catalyst! this retreat was birthed out of our trip to that conference. we were talking about how good the conference was but that if we had just bought the books of the speakers and read them, we would have the same amount of information. now we’re not knocking catalyst or any other conference, but we just thought that there could be another way.

practitioners of youth ministry is that other way for us.

the premise is simple…get together with other youth ministers, read books by people much smarter than us, have discussions as a group about the content, sharpen each other, pray for each other, and rest and refresh together.

Practitioner priorities:
1) Being continual learners to better our ministries.
2) Networking with other ministers as a support system for longevity in ministry.
3) Providing healthy environments for youth ministers to recharge for another season of ministry.

(all of this is way too formal, but I put it down here for reference. There will also be plenty of video games, basketball, disc golf, etc.)

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  1. July 18, 2008 3:01 pm

    Nice job Fred this seems like a cool thing. Is this just for YM’s in Ohio or all over because if I could make it I would love to come. I need some refreshing and some hang out time and learning time. Death star 🙂

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