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October 12, 2009


Let’s be honest. This can be one of the worst parts of being in ministry. Right or wrong, constructive or not, everyone has an opinion. And because you are in the spot light (being on staff), everyone shares that opinion in some way, shape or form.

The questions is …how do we respond to it?

Here’s a couple of things I normally do when faced with criticism

  1. Get some space and pray about it. Whenever I react in the moment, nothing good normally happens. I take it in. And then process it later, when I’m out of the situation. The biggest part of processing it, is praying about it and letting God speak to me on it.
  2. Seek out advice of leadership/mentor/someone who’s opinion you respect. Often we can’t see the validity of a criticism. Often there is none. But I need someone outside of the situation to give me an unbiased reaction.
  3. Love the one criticizing. I don’t do this well at all. But I think the principle is sound. I’ve found that often criticism comes out when people are dealing with issues and just need to unleash on someone. Once again we’re public figures, and easy targets. But those moments are often the times when we can do true ministering.

What do you do to handle criticism?

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