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2 for 1 “the nines” conference

October 1, 2009

Last month, 09.09.09, Leadership Network hosted a FREE online conference called “the nines”.  They asked over 75 leaders from around the world this question: “If you had just nine minutes to share with church leaders, what would you tell them?”

Fred’s perspective:  Drew and I got together with some others to watch “the nines”.  A part of me felt so tech savvy that I could hardly stand myself as we watched and tracked the LIVE tweets from other participants.

I loved the idea and the execution for this conference!  Of course, a conference is only as good as the presenters, but for my money (see FREE above) “the nines” hit a Home Run!  There’s much too much to write about this conference in one post, but Leadership Network just posted all the videos from the conference HERE.  Here’s my favorite: 

Drew’s perspective: It really is hard to beat free. It’s also hard to beat not having to drive anywhere. I enjoyed “the nines”. Having that many different people, speaking on one of the things they’re passionate about, gives you plenty of food for thought. Which has potential to be one of the draw back. How do I get good stuff from all 75+ speakers and make sense of it in my own ministry? Especially in one large heaping dose? Thankfully the Leadership Network thought of this and put all the videos online. If they hadn’t, the whole event would be quite overwhelming.

You should definitely check out the videos. And don’t just watch the big name people, check out those you haven’t heard before. Honestly some of best things I heard were from the ‘little known’ (at least to me) leaders.

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