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2-for-1 David Crowder*Band :: Church Music

September 29, 2009


They are who I thought they were

Drew’s Perspective:  So DC*B came out with a new cd. Once again, they are on their game. Everything I’ve come to expect from them. This album is filled with both catchy hooks and deep lyrical content. And of course musically they’re fantastic.  Some highlights for me are the songs “The Veil”, “How He Loves Me”, and the cover of Flyleaf’s “All Around Me”

Despite all that I find myself just feeling lack luster about this cd. It’s good, it’s deep, it’s catchy…but I find myself wanting more. Perhaps, because I lead worship every Sunday, I was hoping for more that we could reproduce in worship. Maybe I’m just a music snob. Maybe I’m just not a big enough Crowder fan.

I think most people will enjoy this album. I will certainly listen to it again, and maybe even use some of the songs in videos, etc. But from a purely listening experience I’m glad I borrowed it.

Fred’s Perspective:  I’ve been tracking wth DC*B since the independently released “All That I Can Say” album, and I can honestly say that I appreciate this Crowder offering for different reasons than anything previous.  Listening to this album on a road trip is an experience as there is no lapse in between tracks.  Crowder and friends seamlessly lead us on a journey into the presence of one who “loves us”. 

I love the irony of this album entitled Church Music, it is as if Crowder is standing there daring worship leaders everywhere to come after him if they truly want to replicate this sound for local congregations.  (Drew you can reproduce this music.  All you need is a few Macbooks and a violin player.) 

Recently I heard from an old high school buddy who said, “By the way, David Crowder is pretty crazy looking, but I like his music…thanks for turning me on to him.”  Opening up the demographic is DC*B and for that I am grateful!

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