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Puppy Theology

May 20, 2008


Puppy Theology


Recently I got a new puppy !  I know what you’re thinking . . . that’s amazing!  I bet you are wondering why you don’t have a new puppy.  I mean really shouldn’t everyone have a new puppy 🙂 My new puppy’s name is Sophie!

Naturally I have spent a lot of my time watching Sophie.  I watch her play, I watch her eat, I even watch her do her business . . . because that’s what a good dad does.  He takes joy in the fun and precious moments.  He revels in watching the curiosity and adventure unfold.  He watches out to protect.  He knows that she needs to learn a lesson or two, so even though it’s hard he disciplines her, and allows her learn things the hard way.  And when there’s an accident, he cleans up the mess.

Sophie has taught me a lot about God over the last couple weeks.  She’s also taught me a lot about myself.  God takes joy in my fun and precious moments (yes I still do precious things).  He has placed a sense of adventure and curiosity about faith and life in me, and he loves watching me explore it.  He protects me.  He also lets me learn my lessons, many times the hard way.  And even when I manage to mess everything up.  He is there to assure me that He is in control and everything will be alright.

Sometimes we sit around and we wonder where God is, and why He doesn’t reveal himself more.  But in the last few weeks, God showed himself to me through my relationship to my puppy.

Maybe if we opened our eyes more we would see God in our everyday life.  Maybe if we took God out of our religious box and let our view of Him live in the wide open spaces of life, we would see, hear, and feel him more.

This month I am challenged, to live in the land of freedom! To have fun, to enjoy life, to use my gifts, to love others, to take risks, to seek adventure, and to not be afraid of making mistakes . . . knowing the entire time that my heavenly Dad is there with me through it all.  I pray that you may be able to join me in my “puppy” theology, living this amazing life, closely connected to God.

For His Kingdom,




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