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April 18, 2008

i know i’ll get crap from fred for using an x-men image for three days till practitioners. but i’m a comic book geek, what can i say?

i was reading simple church and there was a quote that struck me (ya i’m almost done). so i thought i’d share it.

if you are asking people to connect to people relationally who do not know God, you must meet your neighbor and the person who cuts your hair.
there is another word for it – intergrity.
don’t be a spiritual travel agent.

looking at that statement, it really makes lots of sense. if we as leaders and ministers don’t show people what we’re trying to get them to do, then why should we expect them to do it? i think this quote hit me rather hard because i’m guilty of it. i tell my kids to bring friends and save lost souls, but yet i’m not doing the same. the hard part for me, and i think many of us, is that

we’re all so busy already we don’t have time to get involved in things outside of church. i’ve tried with my neighbors and well it hasn’t been a success (try try again, right?). so i’d be interested in hearing what other leaders/youth ministers do to get out of their ‘christian culture’ and meet people who need Jesus. i’d also like to know if we as ministers cut things out of our programming to free us up to meet people. seems like a catch 22. i’m sure there’s a balance there somewhere…i’d just like to hear what it looks like.

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