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shout to the huh?!

April 11, 2008

i’m not sure what to make of what happened on american idol. no i’m not talking about who got voted off, cause as far as i’m concerned the show is dead to me (which is another post entirely). i more perplexed by the singing of ‘shout to the Lord’ as the grand finale, which included lots of confetti.

i did some searching of the internet to figure out why this ‘twilight zone’ moment occured. and alas i couldn’t find anything. but i found plenty of people sharing their opinions about it. so here’s mine.

at first, i got very defensive, and probably legalistic as i thought to myself ‘they have no right to use that song. it’s a church song, after all!’ (isn’t it funny how no matter how open minded we think we are, there’s still some of that in all of us when it comes to certain things). after i got over my moment of being a pharisee, i was just still confused. why would you use a song like that? it’s a good song, don’t get me wrong, but it doesn’t fit with what the show does. and even on a night that was all about giving, the song’s not really about giving either.

maybe there’s a producer who is pushing agenda? maybe simon, paula, and randy have all found Jesus and demanded to have that song? maybe the contestants said we won’t sing unless we do this song?

unfortunately, i’m guessing against any of those. i’m sure there’s some sort of marketing or giving ploy that is responsible for this. i’m certainly all for bringing God to the forefront on t.v.’s most popular show…however i’m curious as to what someone who is impartial to it thought about that song choice. or is it just another case of christians seeing something familiar outside of church and wanting to rally behind it?

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  1. Fred permalink*
    April 14, 2008 4:36 am

    Didn’t you see the Executive Producer for American Idol is Darlene Zchetche?

    I’m not appalled by the use of the song. I mean Dolly Parton night contained ‘Jesus’ in the lyrics. Maybe they will do a John Wesley or Martin Luther night. Or at least a Chris Tomlin night.

    The show is dead to me too…but without ‘Heroes’ or ’24’…ugh…I should just play more xbox I guess.

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