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creative chaos

April 10, 2008

i’ve talked about raggamuffinsoul and creative chaos before and today i thought i’d venture into sharing and not just taking.

the topic is where do we get our personal creativity. where do we go to be inspired that is outside of our office.
for me it’s truly the world around me. i have the tendancy to see everything as a potential way to connect myself and others to God. but some of my favorite places are where there are lots of people. my imagination starts running when i see different people and try to imagine what their story is. book and music stores are also catalysts for my creativity. i find them great for visual purposes as well as topics or ideas. though it’s not an actual place, but more of a tool…my ipod is an extremely valuable part of my creativity.


Creativity is something that I’ve been really struggling with in my life.  I tend to be a logical thinker and somewhere along the journey I put logic and creative as polar opposite ends of the spectrum.  Anyways,  creativity is the art of story-telling.  I went to see children’s author Steven Kellogg with my wife, and as he was telling (and illustrating) one of his stories LIVE…I was captured and taken away by it.  I long to possess that skill and see it as valuable to connect others to what God is doing.

ps. 11 days till the practitioners retreat….it’s almost go time boys.

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