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celebration day

April 10, 2008

there are days in youth ministry that we all have that make us just go…’why am i putting up with this?’ whether it’s parents, or students who don’t seem to get it, or even leadership…we can just have those days. that’s why i’m trying to make it a priority to celebrate when i have the complete opposite happen. when a student steps up and does what you’ve taught them, but you don’t expect it. when a parent thanks you and actually means it. those are the days i think that keep us from just saying…’forget it i’m done.’ 

so today is belated celebration day for me. without the particulars, one of my senior high students just made my day by showing me he is actually picking up what i’m putting down. but not through his words, but with his actions. God is good.

do you have any ways that you celebrate moments like these?

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