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from my vantage point.

March 31, 2008


Friday night, I wanted to see the movie 21.  As I sit here and type this it would be a great opportunity to review the movie.  I could have joined with the rest of the mass population that spent +23 million dollars this weekend to watch the film…it must be a good movie. 

Instead of watching 21, I allowed Drew to persuade me (ever so slightly) to watch Vantage Point.  Drew tried to pass this off as speaking on his wife’s behalf, but I saw through this thin-veiled attempt to mask his man crush on Matthew Fox. 

Nice try, Drew. 

Anyways, the movie held a great concept of viewing the same event through the eyes of different characters.  However, there was much to be desired in the depth of the plot.  I will say this…I hate car chase scenes, especially in this movie.  They tried to make this come off like other great car chase scenes (i.e. The Italian Job and The Bourne movies)…but it was cliche.

Dennis Quaid just isn’t believable in this role.  I thought Forrest Whittaker was pretty good, I’m hoping to see 21 in the near future. 

btw…21 days until practitioners.

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