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Practitioners ’07 Recap

August 29, 2007

Hey everyone!  I decided to “simpson-ize” myself and this was the result.  schmitt_simpson 

 I’m interested to see the results of your picture through the simpsonize machine.(

     This past week, four youth ministers from the Midwest descended upon Western Buckeye Service Camp for some relaxing days of enriching discussion, quiet reflection, practical application, and a lot of disc golf & xbox360.

     The outcome was fabulous.  We read and discussed three books: Contemplative Youth Ministry, The be-with Factor, and Experiential Storytelling

     Many of the concepts surrounded the truth that youth ministry is going to thrive through authentic, deep relationships.  As youth ministers, we yearn for these type of relationships.  As teenagers, they are searching for authenticity in anything. 

     A greater realization that was unearthed is the amount of trust it takes to do ministry.  One might call it faith.  In any event, we must trust our calling to ministry.  We must trust the Holy Spirit to do his job of working through us.  We must trust that God’s Word will penetrate into the hearts of teenagers and make a difference at the core of who they are. 

May this blog continue the conversation as we ramp up to Practitioners 08 in April!



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