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October 12, 2009

dummelhueI was reminded about how cool weddings can be this weekend.  Similar to my own ‘special day’, the wedding was for some very close friends of mine (Devin and Leah, pictured),and I knew deeply of their story and how their love for one another came to be.  The theme of their wedding was “Story”, and it is the beautiful description of the journey that brings two lives together.

A character that wants something and overcomes conflict to get it.

This is how author Donald Miller defines story.  Truly think about weddings today, not as an institution, but as the cimax of the story.  The marriage, then is the day-to-day growth of  a new life (a new story being written). 

The next time you find yourself at a wedding, perhaps your own, don’t merely observe the wedding…embrace the story.  The two lives being joined to make one new life is an incredible reminder of the relationship God wants to have with us. 

Devin, Leah… Congrats!



October 12, 2009


Let’s be honest. This can be one of the worst parts of being in ministry. Right or wrong, constructive or not, everyone has an opinion. And because you are in the spot light (being on staff), everyone shares that opinion in some way, shape or form.

The questions is …how do we respond to it?

Here’s a couple of things I normally do when faced with criticism

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so you couldn’t make it to Catalyst?

October 8, 2009

CatxYa me either…But all is not lost. There’s a few places you can check out what’s going down in the ATL without paying the money. First you’d want to check out Catalyst Backstage. There you’ll find a list of all the bloggers (and links to their blogs) covering Catalyst as well as a live video feed (starting tomorrow, Thursday) where you can see all the happenings.

Over at Out of Ur they’ve been posting about the pre-conference labs and sessions. A post of note was Mark Batterson’s lab on the condition of our heart, as it relates to ministry.  The line that’s been bouncing around in my head since yesterday is…

Am I performing my ministry as a monument to myself? Or to show the greatness of God?

Media & Ministry

October 8, 2009

I love doing ministry and trying to connect people to the message of God.  I love media and all the ways that it is becoming easier to be creative!  (Am I using this post to just talk about things I love?)

When I heard about Collide Magazine, a periodical about Media and the Church, I became instantly giddy and signed us up for a subscription.  Their tagline encompasses each issue: 

Where media and the Church converge 

This last issue featured “Story” and how media helps tell our faith stories and help communicate the greatest story of all time in God’s redemption project for all mankind!

Each issue comes stocked with links to resources around the web that will provide plenty of inspiration to get the creative juices flowing. 

collide_sweetFrom your experiences, do you think that media is now an essiential part of the Church?

How are churches embracing this?  Are they?

100 words on Catalyst 09

October 5, 2009

CatxIt’s special week for the Catalyst Conference as they celebrate their tenth year!  This year’s accent is: “On Your Mark”  Leaders are marked by moments, and Catalyst has been creating unforgettable moments that spark movents around the globe. Catalyst is a multi-day conference that demands action from it’s participants! 

We attended Catalyst06. Practitioners of Youth Ministry is an example of action marked by the moments we took in at Catalyst. 

We exist to refresh youth ministers with a network of ideas, resources, and encouragement.

We are interested in ministry for the long-haul.  Thanks Catalyst!

Share your Catalyst story with us…

Youth Ministry and Age Segmentation

October 2, 2009

Ever wonder how we got to the point where the youth group was separate from the rest of the church? Ever wonder about the potetnial impact? On the Out of Ur blog there’s an interesting article on age segmented youth ministry. Here’s a piece of it, click here to read on.

The statistics are grim. Rainer Research estimates that 70 percent of young people leave the church by age 22. Barna Group argues that the figure increases to 80 percent by age 30. The Southern Baptist Convention recently observed that growth in their churches is failing to keep up with the birth rate. Taken together, these findings suggest a startling fact: not only are we failing to attract younger worshipers, we’re not holding on to the ones we have.

2 for 1 “the nines” conference

October 1, 2009

Last month, 09.09.09, Leadership Network hosted a FREE online conference called “the nines”.  They asked over 75 leaders from around the world this question: “If you had just nine minutes to share with church leaders, what would you tell them?”

Fred’s perspective:  Drew and I got together with some others to watch “the nines”.  A part of me felt so tech savvy that I could hardly stand myself as we watched and tracked the LIVE tweets from other participants.

I loved the idea and the execution for this conference!  Of course, a conference is only as good as the presenters, but for my money (see FREE above) “the nines” hit a Home Run!  There’s much too much to write about this conference in one post, but Leadership Network just posted all the videos from the conference HERE.  Here’s my favorite: 

Drew’s perspective: It really is hard to beat free. It’s also hard to beat not having to drive anywhere. I enjoyed “the nines”. Having that many different people, speaking on one of the things they’re passionate about, gives you plenty of food for thought. Which has potential to be one of the draw back. How do I get good stuff from all 75+ speakers and make sense of it in my own ministry? Especially in one large heaping dose? Thankfully the Leadership Network thought of this and put all the videos online. If they hadn’t, the whole event would be quite overwhelming.

You should definitely check out the videos. And don’t just watch the big name people, check out those you haven’t heard before. Honestly some of best things I heard were from the ‘little known’ (at least to me) leaders.